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Once in Paros, there are two ways of getting to Antiparos:


1. From the main port of Paros, Paroikia:

By a small boat that goes straight to the port Antiparos. The duration of the trip is approximately 25 minutes. No advance booking required


2. From Pounta, Paros to Antiparos:

By a ferry boat that runs every 30 minutes. The duration is approximately 7 minutes. You can go to Pounta by taxi (8-12 euros) or by the local bus. 

No advance booking required. 

The only way to get to Antiparos is through the island of Paros. 

Ferries from Athens or other islands will take you directly to the main port of Paros, Paroikia. 


Flights from Athens or other destinations will take you to the airport of Paros, which is located in Alyki. 


Once you get to Paros, you must go to the small port of Pounda where a ferry boat service runs every half hour, connecting Paros to Antiparos. The ride is approximately 7 minutes. No advance booking is required.


Pounda is a 15 minute drive from Paroikia (port of Paros) and 10 minutes from Alyki (airport). You can either get there by using the local bus or by catching a taxi.



Click here for ferries timetable and booking (all companies)



Hellenic Seaways  +30 210 4199000

Blue Star Ferries    +30 210 8919800

Sea Jet                    +30 210 4121001



Olympic Air            +30 210 3550500



Villa Manto

Villa Manto is situated at approximately 8km from the port and town  of Antiparos. It is surrounded by the sea, whether it is a beautiful sandy beach or a private, rocky waterfront it is only 100m away!


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